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"e-platform" is the software service that delivers over the Internet the application that you need to effectively manage your enterprise. For the first time it has been developed for agriculture based enterprise. It is available on demand allowing a person to easily access the information available on seed spice crops regarding production technology, market information, export potential, industrial demands etc.

This platform will be useful for farmers, extension workers and other stake holders to know the developments in the area of the crop domain. The e-platform framework has designed to speed up the development of scalable and maintain able web applications. This framework is based on enterprise application architecture, with the intention of tailoring solutions using standard components. The solution may be adaptable to specific business needs, both in terms of functionality and integration with existing systems developed in the area.

With the advancement in technology, internet access has been provided in rural areas in all agricultural regions. The farmers can use the web for finding out about crop management, market information,export sales and historical data, as well as can know which crop he should grow in his region to obtain maximum profits.