Designed Experiments Information System provides information on various types of experiments conducted over length and breadth covering different agro-climatic zones of India. This Information system aims at systematic maintenance of data of designed experiments, along with ancillary information, conducted in National Agricultural Research System - NARS on various aspects, at a central place and retrieval of information on selective basis as per requirements. Agencies engaged in Agricultural Research in India are Agricultural Universities, ICAR Research Institutes, Project Directorates, All India Co-ordinates Research Projects, and Directorates of Agriculture of State Governments etc. The technical officers of the Institute especially engaged for collecting data have so far been collecting data of agricultural field experiments except varietal trials conducted at various Agricultural Research Stations of these organizations. Attempts would be made for active participation of scientists of various organizations to share their data and enrich the database by on-line data entry of their respective experimental information from their location. The database is to be updated regularly so that it could answer user-based queries in respect of one or more of the data items as also give many customized reports based on most commonly used pre-defined queries. It is proposed to include experiments on cropping sequence, intercropping, on-farm trials as well as other disciplines - where designed experiments are used for experimentation - in the database. Studies relating to the inclusion of on-line data analysis shall also be attempted.


In agriculture and natural resources research and development, the role of research managers is as crucial as the role and value of information. With the management’s task of decision-making and problem-solving, their quality and effectiveness are affected by the accuracy, sufficiency, and timeliness of information. And since problems in any field - including agriculture - are best understood as one of the basic endeavor of information processing, an appropriate availability of information through some information system is desirable.


Information System on PDFSR Experiments




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