Strengthening Statistical Computing for NARS

Statistical analysis is an important tool to extract as much information as possible from the given data. Statistical computing methods enable to answer quantitative biological questions from research data and help plan new experiments in a way that the amount of information generated from each experiment is maximized. Widespread use of computers and specialized high end statistical software packages have helped and greatly improved the ability of researchers to analyze and interpret voluminous data. Developments in computerized statistical analysis have enhanced the ability of researchers to come up with better conclusions. This has helped in improving their statistical, computer-related and networking skills of the researchers. For exploiting and sustaining these developed skills, availability of proper computing and infrastructure facilities to agricultural research in National Agricultural Research System (NARS) is of utmost consequence for improving their skills. The statistical computing support would be useful in improving the quality of agricultural research and make it globally competitive and acceptable by way of publications in International refereed Journals. The present project, therefore, targets at providing technical support on the component of statistical computing by applications of general purpose statistical software package that help in undertaking appropriate, sophisticated and computationally involved statistical analysis of data keeping in mind also the accuracy and precision of analysis. It is expected to create a healthy statistical computing environment for the benefit of the scientists in NARS by way of providing advanced, versatile, and innovative and state-of the art high end statistical packages and enable them to draw meaningful and valid inferences from their research.

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INDIAN NARS STATISTICAL COMPUTING PORTAL: L-55719/2013 & SW-7397/2013 on October 25, 2013
-Macros of analysis of data from Split Plot (Main AxB, Sub c) Design and Strip Split Plot Design uploaded
-Macros of Generating Polycross and TFNBCB desings uploaded
-Macros of Generating Treatment Combination SFTSMCRS uploaded
-Multi Java environment user guide uploaded(available in "Publcations" link)
-SAS University Edition Installation Manual has been uploaded under the "Publications" tab.
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